Wednesday, March 30, 2011

don't get comfortable.

I work. Monday through Friday. Eight a.m. to five p.m. I work.
I am compensated for my time with money. For those of you who don't know this is how a job works.
I use my most valuable resource, time, for money. I am selling my life. 

there are 168 hours in a week, 40 of which is spend in a cubicle. then a half hour in my car with my bible to maintain my sanity, and half hour eating, facebooking and talking with coworkers or wandering around Meijer. 

now I have 123 hours left in my week. I spend at least 49 of those unconscious. 

In my weekly forty hours spent in my cubicle I think a lot about time . how much more time until my break? or until five o'clock? but most importantly "Is this how I should be spending my time?" I only have one life and its not even mine. Unless this is where God wants me, I'm wasting time for money. You can't serve God and money.

I'm not trying to waste my time gaining the comforts of this world. I don't think I'm called to be comfortable... after all if I was supposed to be comfortable, why would I need the comforter (the holy spirit)?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not discontent. I'm very content, which is easily mistaken for happiness. And, to be honest, I'm not unhappy either. But I think that being content is a problem... I'm content but restless. Does that make sense. I feel like I'm supposed to be doing exactly what I'm doing but I have this stirring in my soul that keeps telling me that this wont last for long, something is about to break in a very good way. I'm not afraid of being poor, or broken, or uncomfortable, I'm afraid of not following the will of my Father.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this is like livejournal without the angst!

I'm not sure where to start today. I have nothing weighty or impressive to tell anyone, so I guess I'll start with why I decided to write this. kudos to you if you're interested enough to continue reading.

I decided that there are way too many things going on in my head to fit into a status update, or a mass text. I felt the need to document my journey and share my story. I guess that its human nature to desire to make your story known, but its not so much about me, but rather how maybe by writing my experiences I can make God known.  For anyone who knows me it should be, or at least I hope that it is, very evident that my passion, my reason for living, my entire life is Jesus Christ.

If you choose to read you can expect to read my ramblings, my questions and curiosities,some girlie nonsense, my ups and downs...and definitely my stories.

I know this was pretty boring, but I'm just getting warmed up.