Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this is like livejournal without the angst!

I'm not sure where to start today. I have nothing weighty or impressive to tell anyone, so I guess I'll start with why I decided to write this. kudos to you if you're interested enough to continue reading.

I decided that there are way too many things going on in my head to fit into a status update, or a mass text. I felt the need to document my journey and share my story. I guess that its human nature to desire to make your story known, but its not so much about me, but rather how maybe by writing my experiences I can make God known.  For anyone who knows me it should be, or at least I hope that it is, very evident that my passion, my reason for living, my entire life is Jesus Christ.

If you choose to read you can expect to read my ramblings, my questions and curiosities,some girlie nonsense, my ups and downs...and definitely my stories.

I know this was pretty boring, but I'm just getting warmed up.


  1. I have a blog too :D


    I look forward to following along :D

  2. as soon as I can figure out how to I will follow you! lol